1. Who are you?

I am part of the Academic Study and Teaching Unit at the University of Oldenburg. I work on strategical aspects of the integration of digital technologies in teaching and learning, especially focusing on enabling participation of teachers and students in policy making processes concerning the integration of digital media in teaching and at the same time addressing questions of digital transformation itself and its impact on higher education.

Before I supported institutions of lifelong learning implementing digital technologies for learning and teaching and designed workshops exploring chances and difficulties of open education, open educational resources, and the use of digital media.

In the past I also worked as an art educator in a museum displaying media arts. My main focus here was designing workshops and other formats for children and young adults that enable and encourage communication, critical reflection, and creating art.

I have a background in Arts and Media Studies and Art Education.

2. Why are you interested in EduHackathons?

I like the concept of hackathons being genuinely democratic formats enabling everyone to contribute and permitting a free flow and exchange of ideas. I am very courious how all this will work online.

3. Who are you learning from these days?

My colleagues, online and offline communities that I am part of (e.g. Open Education in Germany), research in the field of digital media and cultural studies, my cat (in terms of learning to be more patient and balanced).


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