1. Who are you?

I am Mojtaba Ammari a senior lecturer in Academic development Coventry University, PhD in Mathematics Education from Warwick University, MSc in Pure Mathematics and BSc in Mathematics teaching & Pure Mathematics. My research interest is education for sustainable development which is tightly intertwined with authenticity in education. I have also been working on a wide range of innovative and modern methods of teaching, learning and assessment in higher education in the last few years.

2. Why are you interested in EduHackathons?

I am here to develop and expand my skills and knowledge to a wider and broader perspective to collaborate with scholars and researchers across the globe.

3. Who are you learning from these days?

Being an academic for nearly 25 years, I have learnt to learn from a wide range of sources, interactions & communications with colleagues, friends, and other scholars, engaging with literature and journal articles, participating in the events like this, and of course by self-reflecting on my own practice.


Image Credit: Mojtaba Ammari

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