1. Who are you?

I am the co-owner of a small Belgian company called ATiT that is focused on the use of media to support learning, so we are involved in educational media production, training and project management, I am also the coordinator of the European Media & Learning Association. We are delighted to be a partner in EduHack, this European project where we have a special interest in the role of media in supporting innovation in Higher Education.

2. Why are you interested in EduHackathons?

EduHackathons for us offer a potential dynamic, innovative and creative way to bring academics together to find innovative, ICT supported solutions to the challenges they face in providing learner-driven and fit for purpose learning opportunities for their students.

3. Who are you learning from these days?

My close colleagues with whom I spend a lot of time, from my Irish family spread out in different countries with whom I have a lot more contact that I did in pre-corona times…..